Get to know me:
1) Middle name? Nicole. My dad wanted to name me Nicole but his best friend named his daughter who was born a few months before me Nicole. So my dad settled on it being my middle name. He has called me Nicole 98% of my life, its rare for him to call me Jessica.
2) Favorite School Subject? Math. I’ve never been good at memorizing and math needed the least amount. History was probably my worst subject.
3) Favorite Drink? I am a sucker for diet coke, but when I’m trying to be healthy….Water with Lemon is a close second.
4) Favorite song at moment?
I promise I am not a child, but the Moana soundtrack is a top favorite right now.
5) Favorite food?
Grilled cheese. It is the ultimate comfort food for me.
6) Last thing you bought? Dog food. I am mighty exciting.
7) Favorite book? 7 love languages, I could read it over and over. The tips and real life examples have benefited me in family relationships, friendships, and even in understanding myself.
8) Favorite color?
Is white considered a color?
9) Have any pets? I have 2 doggy furbabies. Bella who is a2 8 year old Yorkie and Harley who is a 1 year old Sheepadoodle.
10) Favorite perfume?
Promise me from aeropostale. The more questions I answer the more I realize I seem like a teenager.
11) Favorite Holiday? Christmas. I love getting to see all my family and that seems to be the only holiday we are all able to get together.
12) Are you married? Nope, I don’t even have a boyfriend.
13) Have you ever been out of the country, if so how many times? ZERO. I hope to change this very soon. Even if I have to just drive over the canadian border and back.
14) Do you speak any other language? Negative. I took french in high school. I can read it most of the time. Speaking it is a no go.
15) How many siblings do you have? I have one younger brother.
16) What is your favorite shop? Does Amazon count? If not I would say target. If those stores didn’t exist I would have a lot more money in my bank account.
17) Favorite restaurant? Texas Roadhouse, hands down. Have you tried the salmon there? Try it!
18) When was the last time you cried? Last Friday.
19) Favorite blog? I can’t pick just one.
20) Favorite movie? Pride and Prejudice. If you watch it with me I have to give a disclaimer that I will try my hardest not to quote the entire movie but it slips out sometimes.
21) Favorite TV shows? I am a reality TV junkie. I get my share of drama from TV not real life, Real Housewives is the perfect show for drama.
22) PC or mac? PC
23) What phone do you have? iPhone 6S…Only 4 more months until I get to upgrade!
24) How tall are you? 5′ 6″
25) Can you cook? Yes, sometimes I wish I couldn’t. Then maybe I could be a size 3 again.
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